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Bakopi, My Way to Promote Aceh Coffee



 It’s not easy way to do a  business with a small capital. Starting  it as home industry but then try to create it as a part of my way to promote a thing identically with Aceh. Coffee, i see is a good way.


First frame i used. I see, really, Aceh identic with the beverages such coffee. One of Aceh heroes named Teuku Umar, in its history, when he passed away, he has just said want to drink coffee in a waroeng kuphi in Batee Puteh. Sadly, he died when he willingness canceled with pellor touch and take his soul away after Dutch troops shoot him. And, if you read his story, his sentence about coffee still put on it.


Nowadays, coffee is a famous part people daily. So i think why not  i take it as my way to create a business, besides i can promote Aceh as my motherland. So then, now i open a home industry, named Bakopi which based in Meulaboh. A place-district Aceh Barat–i choose as its places to starting it. Now i open coffee factory–even small only–, but i can ‘answer’ many order from many place from all around Indonesia. Next, there’s a will, i want to introduce it until abroad. Hopefully, who knows, i can to socialize a home industry like this able to famous until to international level. sumber ; https://bakopi.wordpress.com/

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